It is very easy to shout out loud and claim how great we are. We have so many forums that we can do this in.

The reality of the matter is ‘actions speak louder than words’

Having worked in Sales, Marketing and Travel, I have been lucky enough to use my past experience when I set up my business. Where can I add extra value and reassurance?

Having this 360-degree approach has definitely led me to do a few things differently.

I have spoken to clients who have worried about the financial outlay of hiring staff through a recruiter.

Once the candidate is placed the recruiter is gone like a bullet you never hear from them again until they are chasing business.

I am so sure of my placements that I now offer a 3-month guarantee, where I will replace for free. I check in with both the candidate and the client monthly to make sure all is going well. When you use my service I ‘partner’ with you the client. With no targets hanging over me I can ensure that you are getting exactly what you need.

I believe repeat business and referrals are gold. So, look after your clients.