My client Dan was struggling. 

He had lost faith in his ability to hire the right person. He was coming into his busy period and had to get his staffing right. The last year had seen 5 different people come and go. He had used recruitment agencies in the past and they had not worked out well for him. He got his fingers burnt. Dan decided to go it alone and do the recruiting himself. Each time the interviews seemed to go well. The candidate would be hired and would start the role only to either become very unreliable and not turn up or they would leave. 

In a lengthy consultation with me it was clear he did not trust the process and was not wanting to hire another recruiter and pay them a big sum of money to do what he could do. 

However, it was evident that doing it by himself was not working. Once Dan understood that I would spend the time understanding exactly how his business worked and what his company culture was, he decided he would give me a fair go. He was also reassured that no fees would be charged until the candidate was in place and there was a 3-month replacement guarantee. With such a big investment it’s imperative that the staffing was right especially when the busy season was looming. 

Luckily Dan trusted the process and 1 year later still has his perfect employee.