Values are so important when choosing a supplier.

The way I see it is my business values are an accumulation of me, both personally and in business. It is what makes me, me! Having used recruitment companies on a large scale in the past, I felt a ‘one size fits all mentality’ was what was on offer. Resumes were fired down to me at a fast rate, similar to Harry Potter receiving his first Hogwarts mail while living under the stairs. ‘Keep sending them eventually she will like one!’ The reality was, no one truly tried to understand how my business worked and what worked with my team.

When I started my recruitment business, I could see what was missing. I realised that ‘heart’ and ‘care’ are the magic ingredients. I guess I saw that clients and candidates needed to be matched not just in what skills they required but as a great fit for the company. People and culture all the way! The pressure is off me I have no targets hanging over me. I just aim to relationship build. With less clients it now is all about service and my reputation. I have the time and desire to truly care who I place, as it is paramount that both sides are happy. No Hogwarts mail delivered here! 🧐